Who will be the OnE
to sAvE me,
from mYselF?
Who will be the OnE
who's there?
And not aShamEd
to seE me crAwL..
Who's gonnA
caTch mE
wheN I fall?


   karüün :-*
   voll toll^^
   Naddööl :P

I wanna love you,
but I better not touch.
I wanna hold you,
but my senses tell me to stop.
I wanna kiss you,
but I want it too much.
I wanna taste you,
but your lips are venomous poison!
Your poison running through my veins,
Your poison!
I don't wanna play these games!

Because of you,
I never strayed
too far from
the sidewalk..
Because of you,
I learned to play
on the safe side
so I don't get hurt.
Because of you!
I find it hard
to trust not only me,
but everyone
around me.>br> Because of you!
I am afraid...


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