Who will be the OnE
to sAvE me,
from mYselF?
Who will be the OnE
who's there?
And not aShamEd
to seE me crAwL..
Who's gonnA
caTch mE
wheN I fall?


   karüün :-*
   voll toll^^
   Naddööl :P

I wanna love you,
but I better not touch.
I wanna hold you,
but my senses tell me to stop.
I wanna kiss you,
but I want it too much.
I wanna taste you,
but your lips are venomous poison!
Your poison running through my veins,
Your poison!
I don't wanna play these games!

Because of you,
I never strayed
too far from
the sidewalk..
Because of you,
I learned to play
on the safe side
so I don't get hurt.
Because of you!
I find it hard
to trust not only me,
but everyone
around me.>br> Because of you!
I am afraid...


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Its haunting me, Im so alone,
Im just trying to find my way back home,
Im so alone, alone.


You're just another star
that's burnt out too quickly,
But I still see you, shining,
I'm just another girl
that's fucked up immensely
But you still love me,
Why don't I know.


Your words bury me
Of what I used to be
I can't erase all those things I've seen
your heart smothers me,
Now it’s hard to breathe
I can’t erase all my memories


I know I’ve made an end
Always... I think it was wrong
Cause now I’ve got nothing to spend
My life I have lost


It hurts me
And you can’t see
That I’m dying by bleed
You’re blind
In love with a friend of mine
And I know it was my fault
Having ever let you go


With the venomous kiss you gave me
I’m killing loneliness
With the warmth of your arms
You save me
I’m killing loneliness with you
I’m killing loneliness
That turned my heart into a tomb
I’m killing loneliness


I'm SORRY for
I just couldn't do
and I've HURT myself
by hurting YOU!

4.1.07 23:54

AlcoHoL isT deiN FeiNd...
In deR BibEl steht,
man solle seine FeiNdE lieben...
aLso gib diR diE kaNte
uNd geNieß daS verdaMMte lebeN!

18.12.06 15:12

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